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If you have an important social engagement coming up and you are in need of a beauty salon help make you look stunning, then we at Forever Young Spa are here for you. We offer a multitude of different spa services alongside our beautification treatments to make your time here one that you will remember. Our staff aim to make sure that you have a one of a kind spa experience that will keep you coming back time and time again. Each one of our specially designed treatments aim to give you the best experience possible, all the while leaving you feeling like a whole new person.

Our body treatment, for example, focuses on massages and nail treatments to make sure your inward and outward self feel and look incredible. Our waxing services focus on making sure that any unsightly body hair is removed in a quick and painless fashion. It is a fantastic way to create a smooth look that is free of any burns or marks you may get with other types of hair removal. Finally, our messages are a fantastic way to keep soreness out of your muscles and keep them feel vitalized and relaxed. We hope if you're looking for a quality spa experience that you will look no further than us.


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Body Treatment

Our spa services are designed around you and your exact needs. Your body is a factory that needs to be taken care of and maintained. We offer a variety of different body treatments to make sure that everything from your nails to your shoulders feel incredible. Our manicure and pedicure services take a thorough and methodical approach to cleaning your nails. We first wash and scrub your nail follicles until they are free of dirt and grime. We then file them down to your exact specifications and apply a beautiful topical polish that comes in a variety of colors and tones. When we are done you will marvel at how exquisite they look.

Our approach to skincare is as methodical as our approach to your nails. We make sure that every part of your epidural layer will glisten and gleam in the sun. One of our most popular spa services is our facials. Facials are a fun and practical solution to skin care that offers a multitude of benefits for people. Some do it as part of an anti-aging regimen in order to look and feel younger. Others do it as a way to help keep their skin clean and free of blackheads. Here at Forever Young Spa, we give you the best of both worlds. If you are looking for the premier way to help make your body feel amazing, look no further than our spa center. Feel free to call us and let us see what we do for you today.

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Massage Therapy

If you are recovering from a debilitating injury or you find that your muscles are generally sore, then you might be in need of massage therapy. Our professional masseuse is here and at the ready to help your body relax and ease the tension in your muscles. Are you looking for a relaxing deep tissue massage? Our customer tailored massage services aim to hit every point of discomfort on your body in order to aid in relieving your body of stress and soreness.

Our massage therapy services are able to help release the tension inside of your muscles. This allows for the stress inside of your body to dissipate and will put you in a happier mood. This type of comfort makes massages ideal in aiding people who suffer from debilitating muscle injuries or general discomfort. This is because massages help aid the muscles in your body and help them relax and unwind. This type of movement helps stimulate growth and allows your muscles to remain active and stronger for longer periods of time. If you are looking for a place to feel pampered and taken care of, then Forever Young Spa is the massage parlor for you.

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Waxing Hair Removal

Unsightly body hair can be a turn off for those who want a clean and refined look. If you want a cost-effective and painless way to remove hair from your body, then look no further than Forever Young Spa. Our waxing hair removal service is the best way to get an amazing body waxing treatment that is sure to make heads turn and people swoon over your new look.

What goes into one of our flawless procedures? We first ask to see what specifically you want to be waxed. Do you want your eyebrows waxed? Maybe your underarms? No matter where on your body you want to be waxed, we will do it painlessly and flawlessly. When combined with our amazing nail care service, you will have a perfectly sculpted body that looks good and feels even better. If you are looking for a spa that puts your needs first, then we hope you will consider Forever Young Spa, of East Providence, RI, at (401) 428-6124 today!


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